Do You Want to Improve How You Feel and Move?

I can help you do that. Using fascinating, pleasurable, and effective Feldenkrais® movement lessons, you can learn how to quit hurting yourself and sabotaging your abilitly to do what you want to do with counterproductive movement and posture habits. You can start experiencing the pleasure of easier, better-organized movement. These lessons access your natural ability to learn by experimentation and careful attention to what you're doing, rather than by rote repetition. I offer both group classes and individual hands-on lessons to help you


  • injury from repetitive misuse of your body.
  • pain from chronic, unintentional muscle contractions.
  • difficulty with learning and improving skills.
  • dysfunction caused by neurological injuries and disorders.
  • poor, uncomfortable posture.
  • poor balance.
  • inability to make full use (due to movement inefficiency) of your potential strength, power (fast strength), speed, quickness (fast reaction time), stamina (short-term energy), endurance (long-term energy) and range-of-motion.

And improve:

  • injury prevention and recovery.
  • ability to inhibit chronic, unintended muscle contractions.
  • overall coordination and agility.
  • ease in learning new skills and refining old skills. (This is also known as neuroplasticity-- your brain's ability to "rewire"/create neural connections allowing you to gain new skills or regain lost skills (including cognitive, creative and emotional skills).
  • comfortable posture.
  • balance.
  • ability to effectively use your full strength, speed, agility, and flexibility.

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