The Feldenkrais Method with Michelle Drerup
Austin, Texas

Massage Therapy

Whether you want a massage for stress-relief, for pain-relief, for healing injuries, or for the sheer pleasure of it, I think you'll find a massage from me to be just what you were hoping to experience. I have been practicing Massage Therapy full-time since 1997. My massage is a combination of mostly Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques that feels as luxurious as it is therapeutic.  The way I massage is also informed by my other bodywork practice, the Feldenkrais Method ® of Movement Learning.  Because of this, my first-time clients often notice that there is something unique about how I massage that allows them to be more receptive than usual to the massage. When you are on my massage table, you'll almost never hear me say, "relax" or "let go"; if you knew how to more fully relax in that moment, you probably would already have done so. Instead, I touch and move you in a way that helps you let go of tension and resistance to the massage more easily.  My massage is rhythmic, flowing, nurturing, and healing. I find the quality of touch and depth of pressure you crave with skill and sensitivity. I'm good at listening to and making sure I understand your requests; I'm consistently present and responsive to your changing needs during a massage. Because I enjoy giving massage, finding it meditative and grounding for me, it's easy for me to stay focused on what I'm doing. I work with people of all ages and with any health, pain, or injury concerns for which massage is indicated. I am happy to work with women through their entire pregnancy.

Please call me with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Sessions are held at Sol Healing And Wellness Centeror I may be able to travel to your Austin-area home.