Individual Lessons

Functional Integration (FI) lessons are private, hands-on lessons that are tailored to your specific challenges, needs, and goals. Most lessons take place with you lying on a low padded table, but you may also be sitting or standing. During a lesson, I find the persistent movement and posture habits that may be interfering with what you want to do and causing you harm and discomfort. I manually guide you through your habitual movements and gently suggest alternative movement patterns.

An FI lesson induces a wonderful sense of comfort. Some of your habitual muscular contractions may be so unrelenting, even when you're at "rest", that they cause you pain, exhaustion, weakness, and inflexibility/tightness. As your nervous system gains the control to stop these contractions, your discomfort dissipates.

FI has the advantage of providing feedback and comfort through my touch, as well as addressing your specific needs. If you have serious pain, injury, or disability, you may want to try a private lesson before trying group classes.

Functional Integration sessions are given at MYO Massage, Acupuncture and Movement - 4616 Triangle Ave Austin, TX or arrangements can be made for in-home visits.