Current In-Person Classes

Getting Up, Getting Down, and Rolling Around

A 5-Week Series of In-Person Classes

 Fridays in January, 2021 at 2:00 PM.

at MYO Massage, Movement, and Acupuncture in Austin

This series will help you develop ways to easily and smoothly transition down to and up from the floor, as well as roll from position to position on the floor. Each day of class, we will explore one or two movement patterns using Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons. Awareness Through Movement is always intended to be done with a sense of play and enjoyment, and rolling around on the floor can be particularly fun and feel particularly good. You will also explore the applications of what you learn to falling. Falling (or at least landing from an unintentional fall) is generally not fun and does not feel good. So you'll only practice a little intentional falling, in a manner that is safe for you.

The greater your familiarity with moving onto, over, and back up from the floor, the better your outcomes will be with any accidental falls. You will be more adaptable, more pliable, less fearful, and therefore better able to distribute the impact of the landing in a less harmful way. For that matter, with less fear and greater movement adaptability, you'll be less likely to completely lose your balance and fall.

If you have any serious movement limitations, injuries, or bone fragility, please contact me. It may be that it would be better for you to take private lessons, either online or hand's-on.


* If you'd like to explore more advanced, adventurous and challenging lessons to further improve your coordination, please let me know. 

* Please give me a call if you'd like to talk about these classes or the possibility of receiving private, hands-on lessons. I'm also offering online classes  and private online sessions.